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History of Astronomy in South Africa: The Late Modern Period

A Focus Meeting to be held at the XXXII IAU General Assembly in Cape Town, South Africa, on August 7-8, 2024


The Focus Meetings are all published together in one Cambridge University Press (CUP) volume, called Astronomy in Focus. As there are 12 FMs, the page allocation for the Cape Town GA will be up to 50 pages per Focus Meeting.  Diana M. Worrall, the Assistant General Secretary at the time of the General Assembly, will be the assigned editor for the whole volume which will be made of the 12 sections, with the organizers as sub-editors. 

The intention of Astronomy in Focus is to create a volume that describes the state of the field at the time of the meeting, and that is useful for incoming researchers in the field. The IAU does not strictly prescribe how subeditors achieve this, but what the IAU does not want is a mere compilation of a lot of short abstracts, since they have little value on their own.  

Individual speakers and contributors will have the following additional records of their presentations published under their name:

  1. The accepted Abstracts will appear on the IAU GA-related website
  2. Since the submitted Abstracts are limited to 250 words, a separate Booklet with more elaborate abstracts will be prepared, in a way similar to what was done at previous IAU General Assemblies, i.e.,
  3. A proceedings book that includes all scientific contributions will be produced in 2025 (Eds. Christiaan Sterken and John Hearnshaw).